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The North York Moors National Park

The North York Moors is a beautiful landscape of stunning moorland, ancient woodland and historic sites. Created on 28 November 1952 it became Britain’s sixth national park. Covering an area of 554 square miles (1,436 square kilometres) the National Park has 26 miles of coastline, two national nature reserves, 840 Scheduled Monuments and over 3,000 listed buildings, attracting an estimated 7.6 million visitors a year.

The National Park has two visitor centres, The Moors National Park Centre, Danby and Sutton Bank National Park Centre, providing opportunities for cycling, walking, eating,
picnicking, shopping, crafts and wildlife-watching. The centre in Danby also houses
the inspired by… gallery, which features regularly changing exhibitions by artists who draw their inspiration from the North York Moors.

The North York Moors National Park Authority works with a huge variety of people to care for this beautiful corner of Yorkshire, providing apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities with nearly 14% of staff being apprentices from local families.

LATEST INFORMATION – the Authority will be seeking your opinions, see attached.

Opinions Sought by National Park

The New Local Plan – “First Steps”

The First Steps Document (September 2016)

The North York Moors National Park Authority have called the first stage of their Local Plan review ‘First Steps’. At this stage the Authority would like to know what you think about the North York Moors National Park generally – what you value about it, what needs improvement, and what you think the key issues are.  They would also like to know what your views are on current planning policies and whether they are working.

A ‘First Steps’ document has been prepared to help seek views. It is split into two parts:

  • Part 1 is the ‘Community Aspirations Survey’. This includes ten general questions about planning in the National Park and what people’s aspirations are for the future of the place where they live and work. It is particularly aimed at Parish and Town Councils and Meetings and local residents and businesses.
  • Part 2 is a ‘Main Issues Questionnaire’. This includes twenty more specific questions about the main issues which the new Local Plan may need to tackle.  It is aimed at everyone, but particularly people with an interest in the specific contents of the plan or anyone who regularly looks at local plans.

Questions in this document are there to prompt and guide responses on the issues the Authority think are most relevant to the new Local Plan. Please don’t feel you have to answer them all but fill in any of relevance to you. Alternatively, if you want to answer more generally or cover other issues then please write a separate letter or e-mail the Authority.

The important thing is to tell the Authority what you think – they want to hear from as many and as wide a range of people as possible.

“First Steps” and all associated documents can be downloaded from