John Preston

Caring Together Whitby

Rural Activities for older people Caring Together Whitby is a local based charity which provides practical and emotionla help for carers, the people they care for and older people living alone through a voluntee visiting service. Have a look at the attached leaflet to learn more.Caring Together

National Park News

The North York Moors National Park The North York Moors is a beautiful landscape of stunning moorland, ancient woodland and historic sites. Created on 28 November 1952 it became Britain’s sixth national park. Covering an area of 554 square miles (1,436 square kilometres) the National Park has 26 miles of coastline, two national nature reserves,… Read more National Park News

Grant applications

The Parish Council’s budget is limited however there are circumstances when the Council on application can award grants to organisations and individuals* where the applicant can clearly demonstrate how a grant or subsidy will be of benefit to the local community within the Parish. *Individuals may apply for grants if submitted by an organisation to… Read more Grant applications

Police Report

Each month North Yorkshire Police provide an update about crime in the Parish and surrounding area.  You can read the most recent report here – if you have any information which may be able to assist the Police PLEASE make direct contact with the Police (contact details are at the foot of the attached report)… Read more Police Report


The North York Moors National Park Authority is the statutory planning authority for the National Park. In consultation with the general public, it produces all the planning policies for the area in the North York Moors Local Development Framework and determines all planning applications within the Park boundaries. The Authority does not deal with Building… Read more Planning

External Audit

Like all other Local Authorities no matter how large or small the Danby Group Parish Council is accountable in respect of their financial management and accordingly any interested person can (on application to the Clerk) inspect the accounts. The Parish Council’s accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017 have been subject of both internal… Read more External Audit

Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings are normally held in Castleton Village Hall on the second Wednesday of each month except for August when there is no meeting (there is occasionally some flexibility with meeting dates so check here for the date of the next meeting). Meetings open at 7pm and members of the public are welcome to… Read more Parish Council Meetings

Clerk’s Office Hours

I work from home and my hours are flexible consequently the best way to make contact is by e-mail at – You can write to me if you wish at: Mr J Preston Clerk to the Council 27 Whitby Avenue Guisborough TS14 7AP